Oliver Thackery

Young, bright, intense, fearless.


Thackery served with distinction in the Royal Rangers, and aboard H.M.S Courageous as part of her Drop Marine compliment during her voyages in the Caribbean during the latter half of the War Of The Orleans. He is an intense young man, intelligent and perceptive but rarely smiling and entirely fearless. The tale told about him by his men was that, while serving with the Rangers, he was vouchsafed a vision of his own time and place of death by a spectre, and that since then he has feared no danger. Whatever happened on that ill-fated day, his dark brown hair was turned permanently white by the experience.

Thackery mustered out of the Marines as a Lieutenant, the youngest in that illustrious service. It is rumored he is on a secret mission for his old Captain, Crispin Uphold, for he hasn’t been seen in nearly a year.

Oliver Thackery

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