After The World’s End

Almost forty years ago, the world changed forever as the heavens poured ice and fire down upon the world. The Gomorrah Event destroyed Europe and the Middle East, unleashing wild magic into the world.

In the Americas, Africa and India the colonial ventures of Europe became their last bastions, while other kingdoms arose to challenge their supremacy of this new world. Taming magic, and even wedding it to the new technologies of the Industrial Age that had just been starting when the old world was destroyed, these new nations are now beginning to expand and consolidate their rules, beating back a wilderness gone strange with magic.


Into this strange new world come adventurers, the bravest and brightest of their age. They will sail the dangerous seas and explore the dark forests, braving dangerous magically-born beasts and even weirder weather. They will even sail the skies, in ships that float under leashed magical power. They may be brave warriors and soldiers, they may turn to piracy and thievery, they might aim to understand and wield the power of magic, they may seek to become diplomats and statesmen steering the course of their nation. They may not even be entirely human…

But all have one aim in common – to carve out their own fame, fortune and future in a New World.

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Arcanum 1780: A New World

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