Doctor Lochlan Graham



Graham is the son of a Scots-American whaler from Nova Scotia who joined the Royal Navy as a young Midshipman and became one of the chosen officers and companions of Crispin Uphold. Leaving the Service as a Lieutenant, Graham took his prize money and enrolled at Harvard University, where he studied Philosophy and Magic. He eventually gained his Doctorate of Magic in 1778 and set up in Boston, where he joined his old Captain as a business partner and assistant.

He looks older than his 32 years, the effect of a wound he suffered as a Midshipman and of his continued use of magic. His brown hair is prematurely shot with gray and his face seems dour and drawn – although he actually has a lively sense of humor and love of wordplay given away by a twinkle in his ice-blue eyes. He’s a passable pistol shot and swordsman as well as a mage, and utterly loyal to Uphold.

Doctor Lochlan Graham

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