Lady Ariane Bonnevie

French Attaché Generale


Lady Ariane is a woman of high birth, the daughter of one of the Franco-mughal aristocrats of Pondicherry. She is the current Attaché Generale to the French Ambassador to New Britain. Her father is of the warrior caste, and she took his path into the French Army and thence the Musketeers – the traditional Royal Guard – before joining diplomatic corps.

In her late 30s, Madame Bonnevie (she was married, but he husband died of fever in Africa some years ago) still has the youthful beauty of her father’s Sindh blood. She delights in flaunting what she sees as the ridiculous dress codes and morals of uptight New British society, dressing in what New British eyes see as solely clothes for men and indulging in flirtatious behaviour. Those who know her say that her scandalous behaviour is simply used to distract from her sharp mind and her undoubted skill both as a swordswoman and as a diplomat-spy for her Emperor.

Lady Ariane Bonnevie

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