Lord Benedict Arnold

Trading magnate and spymaster


Benedict Arnold is Baron New Haven, head of the New Haven Trading Company of Connecticut which is one of the foremost companies on the West Indies trading route from New England, owning five ships. He travels extensively in the course of his business, throughout New England and from Quebec to the West Indies, often in command of one of his own ships. He is also a member of the Freemasons and happily uses his masonic connections to further his influence and wealth.

Arnold did military service in the Royal Navy prior to his business career, enlisting when he was only 17 years old. He ended up a Commodore in Naval Intelligence, and still uses the rank as a codename and as a nickname from former friends in the Service. Now, at age 40, he is Assistant Director for New England in His Majesty’s Secret Service.

A slightly pompous man, who has a definite sense of his own self-worth, he’s been accused in the past of always looking out for his own interests above those of the Navy or even the Crown. Certainly, he’s been involved in smuggling and has nearly been declared insolvent at least once. “Money is this man’s God, and to get enough of it he would sacrifice his country” is what one rival said of him.

Nonetheless, he is firm friends with General George Washington – Duke of Pennsylvania and possible successor to the Crown. As such, it would take real failure on his own part or a massive scandal to bring him low and he seems certain to remain one of the power-brokers of the kingdom.

Lord Benedict Arnold

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