Sir Paul Revere, Baronet



Revere is head of the well-known Revere & Co. metalworking firm based in Boston. The firm began with the silversmiths workshop and store opened by his father in Boston’s North End and has grown to include an iron foundry, also in North End, as well as a gunpowder mill, copperworks and bronze cannon foundry in the town of Stoughton Canton about 15 miles to the Southwest. The company’s latest project is a copper rolling mill, producing thin copper sheets to clad the hulls of sailing ships, and a wire-extrusion plant to make the copper conduits for Franklin Engines.

Paul is joined in the business by his two sons, Paul Jnr and Joseph – both in their twenties, one of whom now runs the Silversmiths and the other the iron foundry while Paul Snr concentrates on his concerns in Stoughton, a town he is very fond of. His company is well liked among its workers for its labor practises as he provides benefits such as work hour flexibility, wages in line with skill levels, and liquor on the job. It has been a pioneer in the new techniques of standardization and mass-production.

Revere himself is a well-liked man of 46, easy-going and jovial. He is known as a philanthropist as well as a businessman, who likes to write poetry in his spare time. He holds a reserve commission as a Major in the Royal Army, having served in the Royal Artillery for a short period in 1756-57 and again in 1777-79, during the latter period leaving his company in the care of his sons and an advisory board that included his old friend and wealthy merchant Lord John Hancock, Baron Braintree and Governor of Massachusetts .He has a wife, Sarah, and a daughter Mary aged 17.

Sir Paul Revere, Baronet

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