Thomas Willard

Partner at Willard And Young, Occult Suppliers


Willard is an amiable and seemingly scatterbrained old man in his mid-sixties, who is one of the partners in Willard And Young, Occult Suppliers of Dorchester. He and his seldom-seen partner, the alchemist James Young, live above the store.

Willard discovered his talent with magic soon after the Event, at the age of only 24, and has been experimenting with gusto ever since – leading to some very serious Twist. He doesn’t let it get him down, nor does he seem to care that his Puritan family long-since disowned him. With no formal education in magic, Willard is really a kind of Cunning Man; but one who has educated himself to the standards of philosopher-mages.

Willard sells charms made from bone, cast at Skill 14 and with the usual caveats, for: Chill ($1,100), Light ($330), Resist Cold $1,650). His strongest path is Energy but he is almost as good with Crossroads.

Thomas Willard

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