Beasts of the New World

Beasts of the New World

~ an except for the Tome of Parazoological Discovers, Royal College, Albany

Long before the Gomorrah Event, the New World – as in the old, was full of tales of magical events and supernatural creatures. Civilized man has long relegated these tales to primitive means to explain misunderstood aspects of the natural world, however the Gomorrah Event has forced man to further inspect the collation of primitive fantasy (of both the old and new world) with well documented magical phenomenon. These collations lend themselves to four primary theories:

A) Theses creatures were always here, but remained undiscovered until recently

B) As does a wizard manipulate realty through his willpower with the aid of Ur-Ice, so does the subconscious mind alter the world, warping natural beasts into the boogeymen of our nightmares.

C) Certain minds were attuned to some sort alternate wave of consciousness and held visions of these creatures before they existed on Earth.

D) This is all a series of amazing coincidence and certain beasts just have enough traits in common with mythological beast to pass -after all, many are missing an equal amount of traits from their mythical counterpart.

Which theory is correct is a matter to be discussed in your Thaumatological Philosophy lectures, but within this tome is a collection of eye-witness accounts of the various beasts and “monsters” found roaming North America, categorized by habitat.

Beasts of the Forest

Beasts of the Mountains

Beasts of the Swamps

Beasts of the Waters

Beasts of the New World

Arcanum 1780: A New World Danukian