Beasts of the Swamps

Beasts of the Swamp

Fire Snake

Alternative Names: Chittatotika
Type: Serpent
Description: In the swamps of the deep south lives the Chittatotika – the Fire Snake – a rattlesnake-sized serpent with beautiful scales of red, orange and yellow and a caustic bite that actually ignites flammable material. The venom of the Fire Snake is not only used by skilled assassins as a contact poison, but also well known as a handy fuel source in a pinch.

Ground Stalker

Alternative Names: Coo-wah-chobee – “He-who-stalks-low-to-the-ground”
Type: Cat
Description: The Ground Stalker is an especially elusive puma with a dark-tawny coat, elongated canine teeth and violet eyes. Eye-witness accounts say the Ground Stalker is preternaturally stealthy, and Seminole mythology has the Ground Stalker as the one who taught the first Seminoles to stalk. It has been said that anything considered impossibly stealthy by the Seminoles should be considered practically invisible by outsiders.

Skunk Ape

Alternative Names: Boqs, Lofa, Shampe, Kolowa
Type: Humanoid (Aggressive)
Description: A large, aggressive humanoid, the Skunk Ape shares many characteristics with the Grassman – the most infamous being shaggy-haired and skilled at avoiding mankind. While the Grassman seems shy and timid, though, the Skunk Ape is notably aggressive – trashing camps, killing dogs and tossing large stones, branches and other dangerous debris at anyone attempting to track it. Of Course, there is the signature difference between the two hominids – the epic stench said to cling to the Skunk Ape, a scent reminiscent of hot garbage in the sun.


Alternative Names: Ishtikini
Type: Shape-Changer
Description: The legends of the Stikini bear a striking resemblance to the Stirges of Ancient Rome. Seminole mythology claims the Stikini are a cabal of evil witches living in the swamp that vomit up their souls at dusk, and out of that slimy mess, a blood-sucking owl with supernatural power is formed until sunrise, when it squeezes itself back down the throat of the witch-husk. Though the Stikini myths originate in Seminole lands, Stikini have been encountered in swamps as far north as New Jersey and Michigan. All confirmed reports of the Stikini are consistent as owl-like beasts that feed on human blood, cast spells like a powerful wizard and attack in coordinate attacks with malevolent intelligence, but it has yet to be proven whether the Stikini are a cabal of witches using powerful ritual magic, supernatural beast with enhanced magical abilities and keen intellect, or something else entirely, but the Royal College is certainly curious.

Swamp Dragon

Alternative Names: Halpatter-hajo
Type: Lesser Dragon
Description: The Swamp Dragon is a large, amphibious, flightless dragon with a long, fang-filled snout and green leathery hide. Swamp Dragons appear to be deceptively lazy, appearing to lounge half asleep, semi-blending into their surroundings, but they attack with amazing bursts of speed and can easily outrun a man and out-swim a small boat. More dangerous than the impressive strength and speed of the Swamp Dragon is it’s breath – the Swamp Dragon breathes a jet of green gas that makes anyone who breathes it feel dazed and sluggish, affecting both intelligence and reflexes, and making the victim easy prey for the beast.

Beasts of the Swamps

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