Diplomat Template

Diplomat Template

95 points (45 points left for customization)

An experienced current or retired diplomat, whose career was built around smoothing over disputes either at home or abroad. Of course no real diplomat ever truly retires – they keep the contacts and favors of a lifetime and dabble in the Great Game. A true diplomat should also be familiar with the fighting skills of a gentleman, because you never know when only a duel can restore honor.

Attributes: ST 10 0; DX 10 0; IQ 13 60; HT 10 0.

Secondary Characteristics: as generated 0

Advantages: Administrative Rank 1 5, 8 points in Languages and Status 1 5. A total of 30 more points selected from additional Administrative Rank [5/level], Allies [variable], positive Appearance [variable], Charisma [5/level], Claim to Hospitality (Embassies) [variable], Contact Group [variable], Contacts [variable], Cultural Adaptability [10 or 20], Cultural Familiarity [1 or 2], Empathy [5 or 15], Fashion Sense 5, Favor [variable], Honest Face 1, Language Talent 10, Legal Immunity (Diplomatic) 20, Noble Rank [5/level], Patron (Government) [variable], positive Reputation [variable], Security Clearance [variable], Social Chameleon 5, Smooth Operator [15/level], above-average Status [5/level], Voice 10, or above-average Wealth [variable].

Disadvantages: A total of -20 points selected from Charitable [-15*], Chummy [-5 or -10], Code Of Honor (gentleman’s) [-10], Combat Paralysis [-15], Cowardice [-10*], Duty [variable], Enemy (Enemy government) [variable], Fanaticism (Patriot) [-15], Fearfulness [-2/level], Gluttony [-5*], Low Pain Threshold [-10], Overconfidence [-5*], Pacifism [variable], Phobias [variable], Post-Combat Shakes [-5*], negative Reputation [variable], Secret [-5 to -30], Selfish [-5*], Selfless [-5*], Sense of Duty [-2 to -20], Squeamish [-10*], Stubbornness [-5*], Unfit [-5 or -15], Workaholic [-5], or Xenophilia [-10*]. Up to -20 more points chosen from this list or player’s choice, and 5 Quirks.

Primary Skills: Diplomacy (H) IQ 4-13; Public Speaking (A) IQ+1 4-14; and Savoir-Faire (High Society) (E) IQ+2 4-15.

Secondary Skills: Administration (A) IQ 2-13; Current Events (any) (A) IQ 2-13; Politics (A) IQ 2-13; either Acting (A) IQ 2-13 or Fast-Talk (A) IQ 2-13; and any two of Economics, Finance, History, Intelligence Analysis, Law (any), Market Analysis, or Psychology, all (H) IQ-1 2-12.

Background Skills: Guns (Pistol) (E) DX+0 1-10; Rapier or Smallsword (A) DX-1 1-9; Research (A) IQ-1 1-12; Writing (A) IQ-1 1-12; and four extra points any skills.

Diplomat Template

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