Famous Folk From Real Time In Arcanum

Famous Folk From Real Time In Arcanum

The following real people, who actually existed, are mentioned as being alive in 1780 and active somewhere in the Arcanum wiki, although their roles and titles may have changed considerably.

New Britain

Lord Thomas Fairfax – now King Henry IX.

Ben Franklin – Grand Wizard, Magister of Royal College, Privy Councilor.

General George Washington – Duke of Pennsylvania, younger brother of the late Lawrence who married William Fairfax’s eldest daughter by his first marriage. Possible successor to the Crown.

William Henry Fairfax -Duke of Virginia, King Henry IXth’s cousin William’s son by his second marriage and most likely successor to the Crown.

Benjamin Chew – Chief Lord Justice Chew, Baron Cliveden, who was secretary to the Albany Convention.

David Rittenhouse – Inventor and Royal College Magus.

Abraham Whipple – Earl of Rhode Island, First Admiral and First Sea Lord.

Toussaint L’Overture Liberty – Baronet, Governor of the Shire of Haiti.

John Hancock – Baron Braintree and Governor of Massachusetts

Paul Revere – Industrialist, Baronet.

General Lord William Howe – Baron of Howe, New York, and head of all Cavalry operations.

Arthur St,Clair – Baron of Greensburg, Major-General, current Director of the Secret Service.

Benedict Arnold – Baron New Haven, head of the New Haven Trading Company, Assistant Director for New England in His Majesty’s Secret Service.

Sir John Jay – Prime Minister, leader of the Whig Party in the House Of Commons.

Thomas Jefferson – Earl of New Yorkshire, Secretary of Education, Principal of Queen’s College NY, and Kings Privy Council.

Other Nations

Francisco Palóu – Pope Benedict XV, head of the Restored Catholic Church of New Spain.
Luis de Unzaga – Governor of Cuba, master behind the Spanish espionage network in New England.
José Gabriel Condorcanqui – Sapa Inca (King of the Incas) Túpac Amaru II.
Micaela Bastidas Puyucahua – Queen of the Inca.

Famous Folk From Real Time In Arcanum

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