Living the life in the great untamed wild, the frontiersman is able to live off the land without human contact for as long as necessary. Some are recluses, escaping the dirty crowds of urban life; some are adventurers, seeking new lands and new people; others just feel the “call of the wild” and seek a way to make their fortune in the vast wilderness of America. Frontiersmen that seek more adventure than a life of fur-trading can easily find work as a wilderness guide, where their knowledge of nature is as valued as their legendary skill with a rifle.

85 Points (65 left for packages and other customization)

Attributes: ST 10 0; DX 11 20; IQ 10 0; HT 11 10.

Secondary Characteristics: Dmg 1d- 2/1d; BL 20 lbs; HP 10 0; Will 10 0; Per 12 10; FP 10 0; Basic Speed 6 5; Basic Move 6 0

Advantages: A total of 30 points chosen from increased DX [20/level], IQ [20/level], HT [10/level] or Per [5/level]; Absolute Direction 5; Acute Senses [2/level]; Animal Friend [5/level]; Danger Sense 15; Fit or Very Fit [5 or 15]; Language Talent 10; Languages (varied); Outdoorsman Talent [10/level]; Night Vision [1/level]; Signature Gear (varies); Survivalist Talent [5/level] or Weapon Bond (Rifle) 1.

Disadvantages: A total of – 15 points chosen from Alcoholism [-15]; Bad Smell [- 10]; Bad Temper [- 10*]; Claustrophobia [- 15*]; Code of Honor (Hunter’s) [- 5]; Demophobia [- 15*]; Honesty [- 10*]; Intolerance (Poachers or City Folk) [- 5]; Loner [- 5*]; Odious Personal Habits [- 5 to – 15]; Reputation [varies]; Shyness [- 5 to – 20] or Native Language (Spoken: Native/Written: None) [-3].

Primary Skills: Area Knowledge (E) IQ+1 2-11; Survival (Choose One) (A) PER+1 4-13; Survival (Another One) (A) PER 2-12; Guns (Rifle) (E) DX+2 4-13; and Tracking (A) PER 2-12.

Secondary Skills: A total of 7 points in any of Animal Handling (any) (IQ/A); Camouflage (IQ/E); Hiking (HT/A); Knife (DX/E); Mimicry (Animal Sounds) (IQ/H); Naturalist (IQ/H); Navigation (Any) (IQ/A); Stealth (DX/A); Survival (Another) (Per /A); Traps /TL (IQ/A); Veterinary /TL (IQ/H) and Weather Sense (IQ/A).

Background Skills: A total of 4 points in any of Brawling (DX/E); Boating/TL (any) (DX/A); Biology (Botany) /TL (IQ/H); Climbing (P/A); Cooking (IQ/A); Carousing (HT/E); First – Aid/TL (IQ/E); Hiking (HT/A); Law (IQ/H); Leatherworking (DX/E); Merchant (IQ/A); Professional Skill (Butcher) (IQ/A); Running (HT/A); Savior-Faire (Tribal) (IQ/E) and Swimming (HT/E).


Arcanum 1780: A New World Danukian