General Equipment

General Equipment

General equipment from Low-Tech and most early-TL5 equipment from High-Tech are just fine to use in this setting. There are a few exceptions or special cases and those are detailed below.

All prices are in GURPS$, as is the case with all Gear listings. New Britain probably uses a pounds,shilling, pence system but for ease of play we’re going to assume a kind of “universal translator” kicks in whenever anyone talks prices.


Postage – less than 150 miles $2
Postage – more than 150 miles $3
Postage – international $5
City carriage hire (per mile) $5
Coach travel (per mile) $1
Sea travel, steerage (per mile) $1
Sea Travel (Cabin) (per mile) $5
Lodgings commensurate with Wealth (per month) $45% of Cost Of Living (Basic p265).
Stabling for a horse (per night) $1
Tavern Lodgings in common room (per night) $5
Taven Lodgings in private room (per night) $15 upwards
Glass of average ale, beer or cider $2
Glass of average wine or spirits $12
Basic tavern stew with bread and cheese $4
Fine meal $15 upwards
School education (per year, in private school) $1,500
University education (Harvard etc., per year) $7,200
Pawnbroker: Loans of up to $1,000, with interest payable monthly of 1.5% and interest further chargeable on unpaid monthly interest. The period of the loan is a year, with an additional one week grace period to redeem any pledge – after which the pledged item becomes the property of the broker to do with as he wishes.
Bank: Loans of over $1,000 only, charged at 8% interest annually and for loan terms greater than one year. Savings rates are 5% interest annually.

Navigation Aids

Maps and Charts: a map (Land, Air) or chart (Sea) is minimum equipment for the Navigation Skill. If you do not have one you are at -10 to skill unless you can succeed in an Area Knowledge Skill roll for the relevant territory.
Sketchy Map or Chart: gives -1 to skill, $30, 0.1 lb.
Average Map or Chart: gives a normal skill roll, $50, 0.1 lb.
Royal Ordinance Map or Admiralty Chart: the highest quality maps and charts, they are annotated and accurate. +2 to Area Knowledge and Navigation skills, $200, 0.1lb

Compass: gives +1 to Navigation. Styles vary but the most popular is a pocket watch-style. $25, neg.

Marine Chronometers a clock accurate to within seconds over the course of several months. It’s kept set to the time at a location of known longitude – in New Britain this is the Royal College at Albany. The constant rotational speed of the Earth lets a navigator use the difference between the set time and local time to fix his longitude. A marine chronometer gives +1 to Navigation skill.
Pocket Chronometer: the size of a fat pocket watch. $500, 0.5 lb
Ship’s Chronometer: An extremely accurate clock, mounted in gimbals so as not to be affected by the motion of a ship. $1,000, 15 lbs.

Quadrant: an instrument with a graduated arc of 60° and a sighting mechanism, used for measuring the angular distances between objects and especially for taking altitudes in navigation. Gives +1 to Navigation Skill. $35, 3 lbs.

General Equipment

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