88 points (62 points left for customization.)
83 points for a former Inquisitor

An investigator of crimes of heresy sent by the Catholic Church, or a former Inquisitor that is no longer a member of the church, but still has a host of dark skills at his disposal. Note that this is a fairly low level field investigator, not a Vatican Judge, who would easily be over 200 points.

Attributes: ST 10 0; DX 10 0; IQ 12 20; HT 10 0.

Secondary Characteristics: Dmg 1d- 2/1d; BL 20 lbs; HP 10 0; Will 13 5; Per 13 5; FP 10 0; Basic Speed 5.00 0; Basic Move 5 0.

Advantages: Legal Enforcement Powers 10 and Clerical Investment 5 plus Language: Spanish (Native) 6 and Language: Latin (Accented) 4. A total of 20 points chosen from Religious Rank [5/level], Patron (Bishop or Noble sponsor, etc.) [varies] and Status [5/level]; an additional total of 15 points chosen from Increased Per [5/level] or Will [5/level]; Acute Senses [2/level]; Allies [varies]; Contacts [varies]; Language Talent 10; further Legal Enforcement Powers [varies]; Legal Immunity [varies]; Less Sleep [2/level]; further Rank [5/level]; Single- Minded 5; further Status [5/level]; Talker [5/level]; Tough Guy [5/level]; and Wealth [varies].
*Former Inquisitors will not have Legal Enforcement Powers, Religious Rank, Clerical Investment or a Patron.

Disadvantages: Duty (Vatican; 12 or less) [-10] and a total of – 20 points chosen from
Callous [-5]; Code of Honor [varies]; Delusions (The Agents of Satan are Afoot!) [-5 or -10]; Duty (Increase Frequency to 15 or less) [-5]; Enemy [varies]; Fanaticism [-15]; Intolerance [-5 or -10]; Odious Personal Habit (Varies) [varies]; Obsession [-5 or -10]; Paranoia [-10]; Reputation [varies]; Secret [varies]; Sense of Duty [varies]; Stubbornness [-5] and Workaholic [-5].
*Former Inquisitors will not have a Duty to the Church (but may still have a Sense of Duty to it!), but may add Excommunicated [-5] and Secret (varies) to their list of choices. Catholic Church may be chosen as a powerful enemy!

Primary Skills: Law (Vatican) (H) IQ 4-12 and Theology (Catholic) (H) IQ 4-12; A total of 4 points in any of Administration (IQ/A); Law (any) (IQ/H) and Politics (IQ/A); and a total of 8 points in any of Detect Lies (Per /H); Interrogation (IQ/A); Intimidation (Will/A) and Intelligence Analysis /TL (IQ/H).

Secondary Skills: A total of 8 points in any of Accounting (IQ/H); Acting (IQ/A); Area Knowledge (any) (IQ/E); Diplomacy (IQ/H); History (Religious or Local) (IQ/H); Hidden Lore (Heretic) (IQ/A); Riding (Equine) (DX/A); Savoir-Faire (any) (IQ/E); Writing (IQ/A) and further Primary Skills.

Background Skills: A total of 5 points in any of any Melee Weapon (varies); Cryptography /TL (IQ/H); Fast – Talk (IQ/A); Forgery/TL (IQ/H); Heraldry (IQ/A); History (any) (IQ/H); Literature (Any) (IQ/H); Occultism (IQ/A); Religious Ritual (Catholic) (IQ/H); or Languages (special).


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