Magical Supplies

Magical Supplies

Any well-stocked arcane emporium – like Willard & Young’s in Boston – should carry most if not all of these common supplies for magicians, alchemists and arcanists, along with a few unique curiosities.

Blank Charms
Sticks or discs of wood, clay, bone or horn designed to be broken to release the spell contained in the charm. Wood and clay charms are more fragile, and can break by accident on a 15 in a fall or collision, of if they are hit by a blow. They cost $1 each and weigh 0.03 lbs. Horn and bone are more resilient, breaking in an accident on a 17. They cost $3 each and weigh 0.025 lbs.

Arcanist’s Flask A small flask designed to be used for pouring ur-ice dust. The nozzle design, based on one for a black powder flask, pours a carat of dust at each tip. The flask comprises a PF3 gold lining with a silver or leather covering soldered or sewn over it. It can hold up to 100 energy points (10 carats weight) worth of uncut ur-ice dust in total. A leather covered flask is weight 0.5lb, a silver one is 0.75lb. A leather flask costs $250 as the main cost is in the gold lining, a silver flask costs $300 and can be Styled.

Glas Vial A thick blown-glass vial sealed with cork. It can be used to store liquids etc. $5 and 0.25lb.

Fine Scales A small set of accurate scales used to weigh out ur-ice dust, gemstones and the like. The weights are actually dried carob seeds: 20 grains = one carat. $100, 0.5lbs.

Artificer’s Cartridge A basic-quality empty cartridge ready for an Arcane Artificer to use. See the Arcane Artifice page for details $200, 0.1 lbs.

Grimoires Books detailing the casting of specific rituals. [[Grimoires, Trappings Etc. | See the relevant page for details]]. Only grimoires up to +3 are commonly sold retail.

Shamanic Masks Masks which give a bonus to a specific shamanic or cunning folk ritual just like grimoires can for more erudite mages. Again, only examples giving bonuses up to +3 will usually be found being sold retail.

Consecration Kit A set of symbols, purification materials, incenses and so forth specific to one tradition which can be used to set up a hasty consecrated space (-1 to Skill). It’s no good for consecrating a space for a different tradition. $300, 15lb.

Workspace Kit, Basic Required to make charms without penalty. Each turns a room into a full magical workspace suitable for charm creation. A collection of special pans, spoons, candlesticks, burners, etc. Takes an hour to safely set up or pack. Cost $1,100, 20 lbs.

Workspace Kit, Good Several boxes full of high-end gear, with inlaid copper pentagrams, magically inert utensils, etc. Gives +1 on all rolls to make a charm. Takes five hours to set up or pack. Cost $5,500, 200 lbs.

Personal Protection Equipment

The PF values of Personal Protection Equipment are modeled after the PF system of Radiation Protection (Basic page 79) – divide a Place of Power bonus by the PF value in order to get the effective Place of Power bonus behind the protection. Reducing a +1 Place of Power bonus reduces it to Normal Mana; reducing Normal Mana reduces it to Low Mana; reducing Low Mana reduces it to No Mana.

Artificer’s Apron: A heavy apron lined with gold foil. Provides PF 2 and DR 1* for the torso and thighs. $500, 3 lbs.

Franklin Boots: Boots with gold foil lined between the sole and the inner foot, commonly worn by sailors working around the copper conduits connected to a Franklin Engine. Provides PF 5, but only from conduit contact. Can be added to any footwear; add $250 to cost.

Gold Encapsulation: Gold is commonly used to shield areas from mana fields. Gold foil can provide PF 3, while a few millimeters of gold are enough to provide PF 5. A centimeter of gold can provide PF 10.

Magical Supplies

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