Rank And Status In New Britain

Rank And Status In New Britain

New Britain may well be the most egalitarian nation of its age, but Status, Wealth and Rank still matter a lot. Both Wealth and Rank can confer some Status, and Social Stigmas can effectively lower it. You had better know where you stand and be careful about upsetting “your betters”.

Status (5/Level)
Level Cost Of Living Examples
6 $6M King
5 $600K Privy Councillor, Royal Family
4 $60,000 Senior Nobility, Parliamentary Officials
3 $12,000 industrialist, Commons MP, minor nobility
2 $3,000 Guild Master, business leader, mayor, senior civil servant
1 $1,200 Voter, landed citizen, professional person, civil servant
0 $600 Freeman, ordinary citizen
-1 $300 poor citizen
-2 $100 Street person, homeless drifter

Remember that Wealth of Wealthy or better lets you buy one level of Status for free, increasing to 2 levels at Multi-millionaire 1 and 3 levels at Multi-millionaire 2. Rank can also confer free status: 1 level at Rank 2/4, 2 levels at Rank 5/7 and 3 levels at Rank 8 or higher.


Noble Rank (5/Level)
Level Title Notes
6 King “Your Majesty”
5 Duke “Your Grace”, Royal Family only
4 Earl “My Lord”
3 Baron “My Lord”
2 Baronet “Sir”, minor nobility
1 Knight “Sir”, minor nobility
0 Squire No title, minor nobility
Prerequisite: Status 3; Duty (Crown & Country)
Military Rank (5/Level)
Level Title Notes
9 Field Marshall / First Admiral Also holds Noble rank
8 General / Admiral Also holds Noble rank
7 Lt. General /Vice Admiral Also holds Noble rank
6 Major General / Rear Admiral Can also hold Noble rank
5 Colonel /Commodore Can be noble
4 Command Officer Captain, Major, Post Captain -Can be noble
3 Junior Officer 2nd Lieutenant, Midshipman, Lieutenant
2 NCO Sergeant, Mate, Sergeant Major, First Mate
1 Junior NCO Corporal, Able Seaman,
0 Private / Hand
Prerequisite: Hazardous Duty (Military)

Brethren Of The Coast (3/Level)
As first four levels of Military (Naval) rank, no prerequisites.

Administrative Rank (5/Level)
Level Title Notes
8 Privy Councillor
7 Parliamentary Official Commons Ministers
6 Shire Governor
5 Dept. Secretary
4 Dept. Under-Secretary
3 City or Town Mayor / County Commissioner
2 Councillor / Administrator
1 Alderman
0 Clerk
Prerequisite: Duty (Government)
Law Enforcement Rank (5/Level)
Level Title Notes
7 Law Lord Has Law Enforcement Powers 10
6 High Court Judge Shire level
5 County Court Judge
4 Sheriff City, Town or County level
3 Watch Captain
2 Watch Sergeant
1 Watchman
0 Watch Recruit
Prerequisites: Law Enforcement Powers 5, Duty (Law), Skill: Law of New Britain) 9
Secret Service (5/Level)
Level Title Notes
6 Director
5 Deputy Director
4 Assistant Director
3 Special Agent-in-Charge
2 Senior Agent
1 Special Agent
0 Agent
Prerequisites: Law Enforcement Powers 10, Status 1, Duty (Crown & Country)
Organised Religious Rank (5/Level)
Level Title Notes
4 Archbishop
3 Bishop
2 Abbot
1 Priest/Pastor/Monk
0 Seminary Student
Prerequisite: Clerical Investment 5
Royal College Rank (3/Level)
Level Title Notes
5 Rector
4 Magister
3 Professor
2 Doctor
1 Scholar
0 Student
Prerequisite: Minimum Thaumatology, Science or Academic skill at Skill 9

Social Stigma In New Britain

Although the law states that every man, regardless of race or creed, can be a voting citizen of the Kingdom if he owns “land of at least 50 acres or worth at least £40, or other property to the same value”, that still leaves a lot of people disenfranchised. Likewise, even though the law says “regardless of creed or color”, that doesn’t mean prejudice is a thing of the past either. It’s only been 36 years since slaves were freed and natives were given rights, and many still harbor intolerance towards those they see as different.

The most common Social Stigmas are:

Social Stigma (Second-class Citizen, Female) [-5]. Although women can own and inherit property in their own names, they cannot ever vote no matter how much property they own or serve in His Majesty’s Armed Forces or Government in any official capacity.

Social Stigma (Minority Group – Twisted) [-10] . The character shows the characteristic signs of magical mutation and is either unable to or chooses not to conceal those signs. (See Twist)

Social Stigma (Minority – Black or Native) [-10]. Although Black and Native Indian men can be voters if they own sufficient property and can hold rank in the Armed Forces or Government, a large amount of prejudice against them still exists, restricting their social mobility.

Social Stigma (Second-class Citizen, Iroquois) [-5]. The inhabitants of the Haudenosaunee Protectorate are a special case in New British law. They are able to serve in the Armed Forces and hold rank there, but not in other government positions, nor do they vote as New British citizens do.

Social Stigma (Criminal Record) [-5], (Excommunicated) [-5], Disowned [-5 or -10], (Minor) [-5] and Uneducated [-5] are all per Basic p155.

Rank And Status In New Britain

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