Spell Freezing Bonds

Freezing Bonds

Spell Effects : Greater Create Matter.
Inherent Modifiers : Bestow a Bonus, Increased Binding ST.
Greater Effects: 1 (x3)

This spell conjures a block of ice around the target (who must be within 20 yards of the caster). This spell effectively creates a Binding (p. B40) with the Engulfing modifier. The ST of the Binding is equal to the caster’s Path of Matter skill plus 3. Treat FP lost to failed attempts to break free as freezing (see Cold, p. B430), but the victim doesn’t become helplessly entangled on 17-18. This tradeoff is a special effect.

Typical Casting: Greater Create Matter (6) + Bestow a Bonus, +3 to Binding ST (4) + Range, 20 yards (6). 48 energy.

Spell Freezing Bonds

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