Spell Ghost Of The Past

Ghost Of The Past

Spell Effects : Lesser Sense Undead, Greater Sense Undead.
Inherent Modifiers : Area of Effect, Duration.
Greater Effects: 1 (x3)

This spell enables the caster to seek out and compel the strongest undead or ghost in the area of effect to share its experiences in its last 30 minutes of life – right up to the often traumatic moment of its death. It is often used by para-archeologists and by arcane criminal investigators. Quirks to this spell often involve Fright Checks, stun, temporary PTSD-like effects etc.

Typical Casting: Lesser Sense Undead (2), Greater Sense Undead (5) + Area of Effect 10 yards (8) + Duration 30 mins (2). 51 energy.

Spell Ghost Of The Past

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