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Important note: All the spells allowed in the campaign will be noted below, on this page. If you want to be able to use a spell of your own devising, make sure it is approved and on this page before the session begins!

A useful app for designing new rituals, the Ritual Path Magic Designer, is here.

Thaumaturgy: Ritual Path Magic – (TRPM)
Pyramid 3/48 Article “Magical Tradecraft” – (MT)
Pyramid 3/56 Article “The Old Ways” – (TOW)

The following rituals are available to PCs.

Identify Plant (TOW p31)

Implant Mind-Shard (TRPM p45)

Induce Hypothermal Shock

Instant Interpolation (MT p7)

Intercom (TRPM p45)

Instant Fermentation (TOW p31

Itch (TRPM p45)

License to Kill (MT p7)

Kiss of Silver (TRPM p45)

Know Your Place (Equivalent to Global Positioning Sorcery TRPM p43)

Leap (Equivalent to Legs of the Kangaroo TRPM p45)

Life Preserver (TRPM p46)

Light (TRPM p46)

Live Off the Land (TRPM p46)

Living Lair (TOW p31)

Lockpick (TRPM p46)

Lure (TOW p31)

Mantle of Glory (TRPM p46)

Magic Bullet (MT p8)

Managram (MT p8)

Medicine Bag (TRPM p46)

Messenger Animal (TRPM p46)

Mind Shield (Equivalent to "Tin-Foil Hat, MT p8)

Minor Healing (TRPM p47)

Mole (MT p8)

Necrosis (TRPM p47)

Nixie’s Curse (TRPM p47)

No Such Record (Equivalent to Off the Grid TRPM p47)

Palliative (TOW p31)

Panacea (TRPM p47)

Perfect Preservation (TOW p31)

Petrify (TRPM p47)

Phantom Tiller (TOW p32)

Project Voice (TRPM p48)

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The Grimoire 2

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