The Grimoire 3

The Grimoire Q to Z

Important note: All the spells allowed in the campaign will be noted below, on these pages. If you want to be able to use a spell of your own devising, make sure it is approved and on this page before the session begins!

A useful app for designing new rituals, the Ritual Path Magic Designer, is here.

Thaumaturgy: Ritual Path Magic – (TRPM)
Pyramid 3/48 Article “Magical Tradecraft” – (MT)
Pyramid 3/56 Article “The Old Ways” – (TOW)

The following rituals are available to PCs.

Rain Dance (TOW p32)

Rain of Fire (TRPM p48)

Remove Reflection (TRPM p48)

Resist Cold (TRPM p48)

Resist Magic (TRPM p48)

Restful Rest (TOW p32)

Revivify (TOW p32)

Seek Person (TRPM p48)

Serpent’s Grace (TRPM p49)

Show of Character (TRPM p49)

Silence (TRPM p49)

Slow (TRPM p49)

Sorcerous Covenant (TRPM p49)

Sorcerous Mark (TRPM p50)

Sorcerous Silencer (MT p8)

Sorcerous Skinner (TOW p32)

Sticks to Snakes (TRPM p50)

Stoneshaping (TOW p32)

Strengthen Weapon (TOW p32)

Summon Spirit Dog (TOW p33)

Suspend Gravity (TRPM p50)

Sylph Form (TRPM p50)

Terrify (TRPM p50)

Totem (TOW p33)

Track Traveler (TRPM p50)

Transmogrification (TRPM p50)

True Form (TRPM p51)

Truthteller (TRPM p51)

Verdant Fecundity (TRPM p51)

Vermin Vamoose (TOW p33)

Vision Quest (TOW p33)

Wallwalker (TRPM p51)

Waterboard (MT p8)

Weaken Blood (TRPM p51)

Wishes for Fishes (TOW p33)

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The Grimoire 3

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