65 points (85 left for customization)

Law Enforcement In New Britain is chaotic at best, and organized police forces are virtually non-existent outside of the three largest cities – and even then, there is no official cooperation between cities. When British citizens need someone brought to justice, they turn to volunteer men, typically ex-military, to take down the criminals. Some of these so-called “Thief-Takers” find they have a knack for the art, and with no permanent jurisdiction, they have a sense of freedom to go where they please, working when they want. Many Thief-Takers work a circuit, going town to town in a pattern, so the townsfolk know when to expect them or are able to send runners. Others go as they please, drawn to town by posted notices of wanted criminals.

Attributes: ST 11 10; DX 11 20; IQ 10 0; HT 11 10.

Secondary Characteristics: Dmg 1d-1/1d+1; BL 24 lbs; HP 11 0; Will 10 0; Per 10 0; FP 11 0; Basic Speed 5.5 0; Basic Move 5 0.

Advantages: Legal Enforcement Powers 5 and a total of 25 points chosen from increased ST [10/level], HT [10/level] or Per [5/level]; Absolute Direction 5; Absolute Timing 2; Acute Senses [2/level]; Allies [varies]; Born Soldier [5/level]; Combat Reflexes 15; Contacts [varies]; Courtesy Rank 1-2 [1/level]; Danger Sense 15; Fearlessness [2/level]; Honest Face 1; Intuition 15; Natural Copper [10/level]; Night Vision [1/level]; Patron [varies]; Reputation [varies]; Stalker [5/level]; Status [5/level]; Talker [5/level] and Tough Guy [5/level].

Disadvantages: A total of -20 points chosen from Bully [-10*]; Careful [-1]; Charitable [-15*]; Chummy or Gregarious [-5 or -10]; Code of Honor [-5 to -15]; Cowardice [-10*]; Duty (Employer or Community; 9 or less) [-5]; Enemies [varies]; Honesty [-10*]; Nosy [-1]; Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocent s) [-10]; Wealth [varies]; Secret [varies]; Sense of Duty [varies] and Social Stigma [varies]. Another -20 points from those above or player’s choice and 5 Quirks.

Primary Skills: Area Knowledge (Patrol) (E) IQ+2 4-12; Guns (Musket) (E) DX+1 2-12; Shortsword (A) DX+1 4-12; Tracking (A) PER+2 8-12;

Secondary Skills: A total of 16 points in any of Criminology/TL (IQ/A); Detect Lies (Per /H); Interrogation (IQ/A); Law (IQ/H); Leadership (IQ/A); Navigation (Land) (IQ/A); Observation (Per/A); Shadowing (IQ/A); Streetwise (IQ/A); Wrestling (DEX/A).

Background Skills: A total of 6 points in any of Administration (IQ/A); Armoury /TL (any) (IQ/A); Animal Handling (IQ/A); Brawl (DX/E); Climbing (DX/A); Fast-Talk (IQ/A); Forced Entry (DX/E); Holdout (IQ/A); Intimidation (Will/A); Politics (IQ/A); Running (HT/A); Savoir-Faire (any) (IQ/E); Soldier (IQ/A); Stealth (DX/A); Tactics (IQ/H); Traps (IQ/A) or further combat skills [varies].


Arcanum 1780: A New World Danukian