The Undead


Other Names: Pakàk
Type: Hungry Corporeal Undead
Domain: Forested Water
Description: Appearing as skeletons with the thinnest layer of nearly transparent skin stretched over their bones and fiery eyes, Baykok haunt areas that contain both forests as well as bodies of water. Often armed with a war club and bow & arrows, Baykok eat the livers out of their victims and store them underwater until they raise a week later as new Baykoks.

Black Claws

Other Names: Kigatilik, Clawed Ones
Type: Vengeful Semi-corporeal Undead
Domain: Cold, Magic
Description: Appearing as hooded, black wraith-like horrors with black taloned fingers almost as long as their forearms, the Black Claws appear on especially cold nights and seek to destroy anything magical, particularly mages! Whether Shamans, Artificers or other users of magic, the Black Claws attack their prey with single-minded berserk furry.


Other Names: Specter, Phantom
Type: Incorporeal Undead
Description: The spectral remains of a person (or sometimes an animal!) that, for some reason, hasn’t crossed over to the other side. Ghosts have a host of supernatural abilities, and are typically locked into a bizarre pattern of behavior related to their death or the reason they can’t pass on.


Other Names:
Type: Corporeal undead minion
Description: The animated bones of a dead creature (usually, but not always, a human), Skeletons are a staple minion of evil spell-casters, whether evil shamans or foul necromancers.

Raise Skeleton

Spell Effects: Greater Create Undead.
Inherent Modifiers: None.
Greater Effects: 1 (x3).

This ritual creates a skeletal minion from the relatively intact bones of a nearby body.

Typical Casting: Greater Create Undead (6) + Duration, Until Destroyed or one month (11) + Subject Weight, 30 lbs (1). 54 energy (18×3).


Other Names: Skadegamutc, Shade
Type: Corporeal undead spell-casters
Domain: Magic
Description: The Witch-Ghost is the walking corpse of a spell-caster that refused to submit to death. These creatures are rarely sane – most don’t even qualify as sentient, and they don’t so much cast spells as they just release pent up arcane energy. A particularly vengeful spell-caster may curse a fallen rival to walk the earth in this form with a special ritual. It is rumored that the first of these beings were wizards seeking a way to cheat death and live out their lives as immortal “Liches”.

Create Witch-Ghost
Spell Effects: Greater Create Undead.
Inherent Modifiers: Altered Traits, Innate Attack
Greater Effects: 1 (x3).

As for Raise Skeleton, but adds one of the following innate attacks:

Witch-Ghost – Abilites
Roll 2d Result
1-4, 1-6 Toxic Attack 2d (Cyclic, 10-second, 5 cycles, Resistible, +125%; Resistible, HT-1, +25%) 16
5, 1-6 Fatigue Attack 1d (Freezing, +20%; Side Effect, Slow Move, 0.6, +30%) 15
6, 1-3 Burning Attack 1d+2 (Surge, Arcing, +100%) 17
6, 1-4 Burning Attack 1d+3 (Cosmic, Higher Incendiary Level, +50%; Incendiary 2, +20%) 15

Typical Casting: Greater Create Undead (6) + Altered Traits, Specific Random Package (16)* + Duration, Until Destroyed or the caster enters sanctified land (14) + Subject Weight, 1,000 lbs (4). 72 energy (24×3).
*Cost was derived from the average cost of all abilities.


Other Names:
Type: Mindless animated corpses
Description: Mindless animated corpses driven by an insatiable hunger for the flesh of the living, zombies are stronger than skeletons, but slower, more clumsy and unable to resist their unquenchable hunger.


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